My, Such an Elegant Nose Sir

My, Such an Elegant Nose Sir

Big pointy noses.

I looked up from my book just as two men came into Michael’s coffee shop this morning, each preceded by an enormous nose. It was curious I thought, that two men with such big noses, who appeared to be colleagues rather than brothers, should have been thrown together by life or fortune, and I started to wonder what kind of noses the other men in their office might have.

The noses in question were not big and thick and thrown out of joint. Nor were they pitted with blackheads or webbed with veins, they were slim, long, pointed and flawless, quite elegant in fact, but nor were they pointed in the same direction as each other. One pointed down towards the floor whereas the other pointed straight in front, giving the impression that the man in question was just following on obediently behind it. It was this dissimilarity that led me to conclude that the men were not brothers, but colleagues.

I had a great view of the pair from where I was seated. I watched them chatting, ordering coffee then sitting at a table directly in front of me, each taking off his jacket and hanging it on the back of his chair. Neither smoked and each wore a wedding ring. Only one ate something with his coffee. I wondered if either of the two men had noticed that the other had a long pointy nose. Did either of them go home to his wife the day they first met and say “You should see the size of the nose on this new guy in the office!”

Only when they were led back out to the street and round the corner by those decisive noses could I return to my book.

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